Duration of the Tour: 3 hours approx. (previous booking)

COUSIÑO MACUL WINERY is the only Chilean Winery founded by Don Matías Cousiño, who bought in the 19th century, specifically in 1856, the same year, 1100 hectares in the district of Macul, Santiago Chile. He died in 1863, he formed the Macul River Valley Ranch and his son, Luis Cousiño continued in charge of his business, and his wife Doña Isidora Goyenechea. Cousiño is the surname of the family that owns and the vine continues after six generations in their hands.

In this tour, you will know the history of this family, founder of this magical place, with beautiful gardens and grapes where you will visit ancient cellars of Guarda (stored) and meet the entire process of production and processing of these famous wines. It also serves some of these wines. The visit ends in the sale room.

Finished the Tour returned to their Hotel or shopping centre.
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